HM Queen Elizabeth II

We at Discover Medical London are deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

As a mark of respect for Her Majesty all tours on the date of the State Funeral, Monday 19 September 2022, are cancelled. 

In the forthcoming days much of Central London will be devoted to ceremonial events and to allow the public to pay their respects to The Queen. Given this, our walks and tours will be rescheduled.

Should you have an event reserved with us during this period we will be in contact with you directly to make the necessary arrangements.

We will not be accepting new bookings for dates up to Wednesday 21 September 2022.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with the Royal Family and the nation as a whole at this difficult time.

In-Person and Online Group Tours Available to Book Now

We are delighted to be able to offer the majority of our walking tours to pre-booked groups as both in-person events and interactive online experiences.
If you are interested in organising a private tour for a group of any size please contact us at

Our digital events are perfect for larger groups and those who are unable to make it to London, or meet in person, at the present time. 

Our physical tours are a unique opportunity to discover medical history by exploring the streets, extraordinary places and open spaces of London. 

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Please note that due to ongoing restrictions on groups visiting certain museums and heritage properties, adjustments may be made to tour itineraries.

Unfortunately, our programme of public walks remains suspended and is likely to be for the remainder of 2022. We hope to be able to offer public walks again when feasible, in the meantime we continue to offer private tours at a time of your choosing.

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The Cow Pock

With Discover Medical London you can encounter the people and places that have made this city a capital of contagion and a home for healing from the past to the present day. 

From blue-blooded Royalty to body snatchers, anatomists to anaesthetists, physicians, pharmacists and Fellows to the founding fathers of the National Health Service.  

All are to be found through history and along the capital’s thoroughfares….

Join our team of qualified professional guides as they lead you through the streets and stories that have made London a city of sickness and a city of cures for over two thousand years.

Scroll down or use one of the menus above to find out more on how to book a tour and the range of topics we cover and events and services we offer.

 Women & Medicine

Follow in the footsteps of the pioneers at the forefront of healthcare improvements and female emancipation.

EGA Stamp

From a medical institution that took over 470 years to elect a woman president to a hospital founded by the first female to officially qualify as a doctor in the UK, we travel through Fitrovia and Bloomsbury to seek out the trailblazers who have cleared the way for today’s medical women.

Along the way we learn how female practitioners have played their role in raising standards of care for not just women but the population as a whole.

We conclude with a visit to The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery at the Unison Centre.

For more information click here to visit the Women and Medicine event page. For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

London’s Amazing Medical Museums

Grant Museum of Zoology Skeletons

Uncover some of the capital’s most unusual collections assembled by medicine’s most curious minds.

London, so full of learned and professional societies from all branches of medicine and science, and individuals with a zeal to amass personal treasure troves of artefacts is a paradise of ‘medical cabinets of curiosity’.

Join us as we take a tour of the Capital’s academic quarter to discover beguiling but lesser known miscellanies and now long gone collections of note. 

Encounter lost libraries, anthologies of anaesthesia, arrays of dentistry, apothecaries jars, secret gardens, old dissecting rooms and the anatomy laboratory where Charles Darwin was taught. 

For more information click here to visit the London’s Medical Cabinets of Curiosity event page.

For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Who needs doctors anyway?

A history of public health

Find out how the biggest life savers in the story of human health come from far and wide, not just the world of physicians. 

Joseph Bazalgette as snake

Today, medical practitioners and professionals are held – quite properly – in extremely high esteem. But is the common view that the huge advances in our well being of the last 250 years come down to the role of doctors entirely true?

Take this tour to learn how Joseph Bazalgette (shown left) may have saved the lives of more Londoners than almost any other Victorian. Discover how a study into bus conductors unearthed the connection between exercise and coronary heart disease and how house building helped rid Britain of dreaded typhus.

For more information click here to visit the Who needs doctors anyway? event page.

For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Lights! Scalpel! Action!


The story of medicine on the silver screen

Since its earliest days the cinema has been obsessed with playing at ‘doctors and nurses’. Sometimes it has taken its stories from fact, sometimes it has created fictions. The results have been both tragic and comic, and all too often ‘romantic’.

Starting at one of the world’s oldest medical institutions and cutting through perhaps its most famous clinical district, Harley Street, we go on location to find the characters from Doctors Watson and Cagliari to ‘The Elephant Man’ and stories from the ‘The Madness of King George’ to ‘The King’s Speech’ that have made physicians and the flicks inseparable for over a century.

Along the way we ask why the movies are more often interested in depicting scandal and sexual intrigue than surgery and serious medical practice…

For more information click here to visit the Medicine at The Movies event page.

For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

The Magic of Medicine:

Faith and Healing: A History

Glindoni-gif-skulls-reversed -

Today, the practice of medicine is largely shaped by scientific principles.

Once, medicine was an art, a branch of natural philosophy or
an adjunct of religious and superstitious beliefs.

This fascinating exploration of the mystical underpinnings of medical procedure through time explores the classical, pagan, Christian and other faiths that have informed the art of healing. Join us as we unearth unexpected evidence of the influence these belief systems have played right up to the recent past, and question whether personal conviction is still at the heart of healthcare in the 21st century.

For more information click here to visit the The Magic of Medicine event page.

For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Fire! Plague! Revolution! 

London 1666: capital of calamities

Fire of London Dutch School c1666 Society of Antiquaries

Explore the history of London’s most terrible decade through the eyes of a doctor!

In a nation where the reverberations of a terrible civil war could still be felt, it was a dark year for its greatest city. Cut across lines of class and religion, still feeling the after effects of The Great Plague, The Great Fire came and seemed unstoppable, destroying everything before it in flames for days on end.

Though the fire claimed the Royal College of Physicians’ home in the shadow of the fallen St Paul’s, the remains of its archives and the records of its rebuilding tell a story of how these apparently disparate events: civil war, disease and fire are, in fact, closely related.

Learn how the echoes of these catastrophes and the spirit of reconstruction have characterised London, medicine and the College throughout history as we venture out into the streets of the ‘capital of calamities’.

For more information click here to visit the Fire! Plague! Revolution! event page.

For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar page. For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

London’s Plagues

Lord have mercy on London

A walk retracing a city’s history of contagious disease from The Great Plague to the present day. 

Career down the lanes and alleyways of the capital city of contagion with us. Discover plague pits and mass graves, unearth the evidence of epidemics past and present.

Then pause to ask the questions: What is a plague? Who decides what makes a disease a disaster? Explore how afflictions from idleness to AIDS, crime to cholera, alcoholism to ignorance, tuberculosis to too many people have struggled under the weight of the deathly word ‘plague’ at some point in time.

A social and medical history of disease and how it has disfigured this great city.

For more information click here to visit the “London’s Plagues” event page. For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

“Sex and The City”

Medicine and sexuality, sexology and the treatment of sexually transmitted disease.

L0076457 Poster for Institute for Sex Research - P

Join fellow streetwalkers as we stroll through the notorious district once known as “North Soho”. Uncover the sometimes unsavoury story of the relationship between human sexuality and the medical professions.

Meet the innovators who would liberate men and women from centuries of intolerance and dangerous practices.

Our walk on the wild side of of healthcare ends with an introduction to the extensive materials focussed on psychology and sexology at the Wellcome Collection.

For more information click here to visit the “Sex and The City” event page. For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Medicine at War

A walk marking the centenary of The First World War and examining the ever-changing role of medics at the front line. 

Travel through time to witness ‘the seven ages of military medicine’ from the battlefield of the Classical World to the trenches of The Western Front and explore how those with a vocation to heal have carried out their work in the midst of carnage.

The tour concludes in Cavendish Square home to the Royal College of Nursing.

For details about this tour click here.  For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

The Royal Physicians:

Medicine & The Monarchy

Royal Crown

Meander around aristocratic Marylebone’s ‘Medical Mile’ and finish up by taking the air in ever so Royal Regent’s Park.

See the places where the politically powerful and mighty monarchs, their mistresses and relatives sought treatment and administered care and find out whether they were well enough to be in charge of the country at all!

For more details about this tour click here.  To arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Homes for Healing

An architectural history of healthcare  

University College Hospital 1906

From fashionable town houses to squalid workhouses, lost priories to Princes’ palaces, bloodied barber shops and seamen’s missions.

The bewildering array of structures sequestered by surgeons and physicians is sure to fascinate anyone with an interest in the history of medicine, architecture or simply a love of beautiful buildings.

For more details about this tour click here.  To arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Harley Street: Healers and Hoaxers


Stroll along and around one of the best known medical streets in the world!

See where some of the most famous practitioners in the history of medicine plied their trade. View the apparently respectable facades behind which quacks administered their queasy cures.

For more details about this tour click here. To arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Dutch Courage & Medicinal Brandy

A tale of alcohol and health

Beer and stethoscope

Take a trip through the heart of London to explore the Capital’s drinking culture and the long and complex relationship between healing and imbibing.

Find out about the high jinx, japes and scrapes of making merry and the dark underside and serious consequences of a life ‘on the sauce’. From a special silver bowl used to cool wine glasses and elect Presidents of the Royal College of Physicians to an amazing bath once filled with champagne for royalty, learn how power and alcohol have also gone hand in hand through time.

For more details  about this tour click here. To arrange a private group tour  any time contact us at 

The Making of Thoroughly Modern Medicine

Cut across  the city’s  medical quarter learning all the way how a murky world of mercury cures and caffeine enemas, leeches and blood letting galore was transformed into one of the most respected professions at the cutting edge of science.

Our most popular walk concluding at the acclaimed exhibitions and library of The Wellcome Collection, with an optional tour available for advance bookings**.

For more details about this tour click here. To arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Royal College of Physicians, contemporary

Many of our standard tours start with a visit to the medicinal garden of the Royal College of Physicians* and last between 2½ to 3 hours.

Most walks cost £12.50-15 per person, depending on the specific event and whether you opt to include a museum visit**.

For details of individual tours please see the relevant homepage. 

Full day events and study programmes are charged at variable rates, costs and schedules are shown on each events’ homepage.

* Tours do not include a visit to the interior of the Royal College of Physicians.

** Many walks feature the option of a visit to the Wellcome Collection, British Museum, National Gallery or other relevant institution. You will be offered these tour extras when making your booking.

To enquire about any of these walks, please contact us via email: 

Click here for a map and directions to the Royal College of Physicians.


Special EventPath-ologies:

      A capital’s contagious geography

A court for king cholera ii
 Sickness & the streets of disease from the Great Plague to the present day.

Marking more than three and a half centuries since the end of the Great Plague of London in 1666, we present a special study tour investigating the A-Z of infectious diseases and medical conditions from hepatitis ‘A’ to the Zits, spots, sores and scabs that have marked out victims of the various poxes to afflict the city and its people from the seventeenth to the twenty first centuries

RCP Plague doctor

Starting with a visit to The National Gallery to reveal some of the pestilent stories behind the pretty faces on display we spread like a virus through the most fashionable and notorious addresses in town to reveal the history of epidemic and infection and the scars they have left on the city.

We conclude at the Royal College of Physicians with an exclusive guided viewing of plague artefacts and cures from times past.

Click here to visit our ‘Pathologies: A capital’s contagious geography’ event page for full details. To arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Special Event“Dr Dee”

Orange Dee Wide Angle from engraving by R Cooper c1800 copyright RCP

& The Magic of Medicine

A special study tour celebrating the outstanding collection of books once owned by Renaissance polymath John Dee now held in the library at the Royal College of Physicians.

Discover the remarkable relationship between religion and medicine, magic and cure from before the time of John Dee, the man described as ‘The Queen’s Conjuror’ at the court of Elizabeth I, right up to the present day.

Begin in the ancient world at the British Museum and conclude with a guided visit to Dee’s ‘lost library’ taking in a fascinating history of healing and believing the seen and unseen along the way.

For more information click here to visit the “Dr Dee & The Magic of Medicine” event page

This tour is only available to groups by special arrangement with the library of the Royal College of Physicians, for more details contact us at 

The Brilliance of Medicine:

500 years of healing

V0013103 Royal College of Physicians, Warwick Lane, London: the court
Dissect the development of medicine since 1518, with this special full day study tour  developed in 2018 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Royal College of Physicians, England and Wales’ oldest royal medical college. 

From reliquaries to apothecaries, sewers to surgeons, vaccination to anaesthetics, obstetrics and antibiotics, examine the major innovations, personalities, organisations and events that have shifted medicine from a philosophy to a profession, healthcare from faith to fact.

Join us for an unmissable journey through the history of one of medicine’s oldest bodies and the story of medicine itself.

RCP 500 logo

For more information click here to visit the The Brilliance of Medicine event page.

For tour dates click here to visit the Our Calendar pageTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Special EventFlight from the Flames”

Image of Great Fire of London from 'German newspaper' c1666 courtesy London Fire Brigade

Recovering London from The Great Fire

A special study tour originally developed as part of the official commemorations of the 350th anniversary of The Great Fire.

Trace the footsteps of those fleeing the flames to uncover the destruction wrought by the disaster, and learn how people saved and repaired themselves and as much of the city’s wealth and heritage as they could. Learn about the cures, beliefs and emergency measures in place in the 17th century capital, and their varying degrees of success.

The event commences footsteps away from the very place the devastation began and concludes with an exclusive guided visit to the modern Royal College of Physicians, its archives, library and museum, on the fringes of Regent’s Park, which hold many an unexpected Great Fire secret…

For more information click here to visit the “Flight From The Flames” event page

To arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at 

Final 350 AW_FC LS

Modernism Optimism Medicine Architecture

A study tour devised to celebrate visionary architect Sir Denys Lasdun, the Royal College of Physicians iconic grade 1 listed modernist home and medicine’s contemporary architectural heritage.

National Theatre Tumblr 1

Travel from the Southbank to The Regent’s Park and discover how architectural experimentation, medical progress and social reform went hand in hand throughout the 20th century. 

National Theatre Tumblr 2

Visit St Thomas’ Hospital, The Royal Festival Hall and Lasdun’s own iconic National Theatre to see why improved homes, places of healing and public temples of culture came to be seen as vital to delivering national health and well-being.

Learn when, in a spirit of post war optimism, modernism became the architectural style of choice to render the hopes ambitions of a nation literally concrete realities. 

Fire Escape, Royal College of Physicians by Helene Binet

Cut across the city’s academic quarter from Sir Denys’  University of London campus to view where medicine has embraced the new and bold in building technology, interior design and sometimes architectural style.

The event concludes with refreshments and a private guided interior tour of the Royal College of Physicians headquarters at Regent’s Park: a unique chance to explore one of only a tiny number of post-war buildings to receive Grade 1 listed status from English heritage.

Royal College of Physicians Interior overlooking garden 1964, Courtesy of RIBA

“Fifty years on, the complex, confident lines of Denys
Lasdun’s Royal College of Physicians remain an unqualified success, now celebrated in a new exhibition, The Anatomy of a Building

Rowan Moore, The Observer

Council Chamber Cropped RCP

Part architectural odyssey, part ode to the eternal optimism of the medical profession, this special study tour fascinates and stimulates those with an interest in modern architecture, medical and social history or simply a passion for our capital city.

For private bookings contact us at 

For more details visit the Modernism Optimism Medicine Architecture homepage

People causing a nuisance by smoking in the street. Coloured etching by H. Heath, 1827 (c) Wellcome collection

Private Tours

Throughout the year we offer a range of private walks and tours available any time by prior arrangement. Our private events include visits to some of London’s most prominent medical museums and collections. We can work with you to develop a programme to suit your needs, from a few hours to a few weeks.

For more information and our choice of tours click here

Wellcome collection

Weekly Public Walks

Our weekly public walks normally run on Fridays between mid-May and October each year, and are presented  with the museum of the world-renowned Royal College of Physicians, commencing with an exclusive highlights tour* of the College’s iconic building designed by Sir Denys Lasdun located on Regent’s Park.

Lasdun Fridge Magnet Cropped

Our programme of public walks for 2021 remains suspended

Unfortunately, our schedule of in-person public events for 2021 remains suspended . We hope to return to offering open access public tours later in the year, or in the Spring of 2022. Details of the programme will be published here as soon as they are available. 

Anatomy calendar

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