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Discover hidden medical histories at some of the world’s greatest museums.

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London is home to some of the most amazing and expansive museums in existence, their collections covering everything from natural history to archaeology, sculpture to warfare, costume to childhood.

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Less known is the fact that amongst the treasures of these vast storehouses are a host of objects that tell the story of medicine from the earliest times to the present day. 

Explore the burial grounds of the Ancient Egyptians at the British Museum, or the practices of the barber surgeons to the Persian Emperors at the V&A, the excesses of the most famous family of Renaissance doctors at The National Gallery or the killing fields of the Western Front at the Imperial War Museum.

Discover how medicine is essential to understanding the history of humankind.

Our ‘Medicine at The Museum’ tours uncover those health giving and personal care objects that might otherwise evade the casual visitor’s eye, offering a fascinating glimpse into the world of medicine, cure and self-preservation throughout time.

sarcophagus of Tayesmutengebtiu. (British Museum)

We currently offer ‘Medicine at The Museum Tours’ at the following world famous institutions:

  • The British Museum
  • Imperial War Museum
  • The National Gallery
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum)

In addition we work with the London Museums of Health and Medicine to offer guided visits to specialist medical museums as part of our range medical historical tours and made to order educational events.

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Our ‘Medicine at The Museum’ tours last anything from 90 minutes up to a whole day, can be tailored to fit your needs and are equally enjoyable on their own or as part of a wider experience.

Prices start from £10 per person.

To find out more about our museum events, visits to London’s Museums of Health and Medicine, our private tours or educational services contact us any time by email at 

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