Homes for Healing: an architectural history of healthcare

A tour of healthy open spaces and London’s architecturally inspiring curing places.


Don’t be deceived by today’s high-tech hospitals and gleaming research institutes, medicine has been practised in a host of locations, both humble and holy, throughout the history of London.

From fashionable town houses to squalid workhouses, lost priories to Princes’ palaces, bloodied barber shops and seamen’s missions: the bewildering array of structures sequestered by surgeons and physicians is sure to fascinate anyone with an interest in the history of medicine, architecture or simply a love of beautiful buildings.

Join this stroll through the streets of the Capital to encounter some of the city’s most celebrated homes for healing, uncover hidden gems including an art deco masterpiece, a regency cure for rheumatism and a last remaining remnant of The Poor Laws. Along the way hear the often untold stories of those who came in search of a cure.

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The walk commences in the medicinal garden of Royal College of Physicians and lasts between 2½ and 3 hours*.

The tour costs £12.50-£15** per person.


* Tours do not include a visit to the interior of the Royal College of Physicians.

** This walk includes the option of an escorted visit to the Wellcome Collection or British Museum for £2.50 extra per person. Please ask about a museum visit when making your booking. Private tours are subject to a minimum group fee for parties of 14 persons or fewer.

“Homes for Healers” is available as a private tour at any time by prior arrangement. 

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Click here for a map and directions to the Royal College of Physicians.