Flight from the Flames: Recovering London from The Great Fire

 A study tour marking the The Great Fire and London’s truly turbulent 17th century.

Fire of London Dutch School c1666 Society of Antiquaries

Human tragedy, cultural catastrophe, medical emergency.

The Great Fire of London in 1666 was one of a series of cataclysmic events to hit the capital in the mid 17th century, starting with the Civil War and followed by the great Great Plague just a year before.

To fetch out the flames

In this special study tour, we trace the footsteps of those fleeing the flames to uncover the destruction wrought by the disaster, and learn how people saved themselves and as much of the city’s heritage as they could.

We examine how the injured were treated and the destitute sheltered. Discover that once the fire subsided London emerged from the ashes resurgent to rebuild its structures and institutions and recreate its cultural and social fabric, entering a new ‘Golden Age’ of The Enlightenment.

This is a remarkable story of devastation, healing and new hope populated by giant figures including Samuel Pepys, John Evelyn, Christopher Wren and Robert Hooke. 

Join us and the Royal College of Physicians to explore the events of 1666 with this study tour including historic walks, museum visits and a special tour of the Royal College, an institution whose previous home was destroyed in that calamitous year.

College of Physicians Architectural cut away

Event details and how to book…

Start:               The Monument

End:                 Royal College of Physicians

Dates:              5 September and 5 October 2016 only! SOLD OUT 

Start Time:      12.30pm

Duration:         5 hours

Price:               £25 per person including refreshments and exhibition viewing

This event is now available as a private tour only, for more details please contact us by email at discovermedicallondon@gmail.com 

If you are a group or unable to make the dates above and would like to enquire about a private tour, please contact us at  discovermedicallondon@gmail.com