“London’s Plagues”

A special walk retracing a city’s history of contagious disease.

Lord have mercy on London

Career down the lanes and alleyways of the capital city of contagion with us. Discover plague pits and mass graves, cutting edge research institutes and Edwardian hospitals for ‘tropical diseases’. Unearth the evidence of epidemics past and present.

Cholera poster westminster

Then pause to ask the crucial questions:

What is a plague?

Who decides what makes a disease a disaster? 

Is a plague as much a social phenomenon as a medical emergency? 

Explore how afflictions from idleness to AIDS, crime to cholera, alcoholism to ignorance, tuberculosis to too many people have struggled under the weight of the deathly word ‘plague’ at some point in time.

Keith Haring Stop Aids

Examine how the medical professions have sought to contain, control, treat and cure outbreaks of all sorts. 

Reflect on how the press and politicians, police and powers-that-be have sought to stir up or staunch the public and moral panic that sometimes accompanies contagion.

Ask whether we are any more prepared today for the next ‘Great Plague’?

A social and medical history of disease and how it has disfigured this great city and its citizens.

For dates visit Our Calendar page hereTo arrange a private group tour any time contact us by email at discovermedicallondon@gmail.com 

The walk commences at The Royal College of Physicians  and lasts between 2½ and 3 hours including a highlights tour of the Royal College, its museum and collections*. 

The tour costs £12 per person click here to book online  BOOKONLINELOGO_large

A small number of tickets are available on a turn up and pay basis on the day. These places are limited and payment should be made to the guide in cash. 


“London’s Plagues” is also available as a private tour at any time by prior arrangement, subject to a minimum charge.

For further details or to make a group booking for a private tour please contact us at  discovermedicallondon@gmail.com 

* On occasion access to the Royal College of Physicians may be limited due to events or works being carried out.

Click here for a map and directions to the Royal College of Physicians.



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